Free jazz and sound art by Jaras Ramunas

I create other music styles too, but free jazz, avantgarde, ambient, meditative, conceptual music is the main work of mine.

These styles can be heared in those albums:

Dzen dzen (2008) Best!
Būta vandens (2011) Best!
2001: A Cosmic Odyssey (2010) Best!
The Last Subterranean Music (1993) Best!
Gumowa Róża (2009)
Nine Grass-snakes (2006)

Diana (Solanum Tuberosum) (2002)
Šiauliai (2001)
The Best of ENDICHE VIS.SAT (2000)
Her Closed Eyes (1996)
Unlistenable Pieces by Echidna (1995)

Ramybės studija (1996) Best!
Ar (1997) Best!

Kernavė (1998)

The Cry (1997)