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"If you were apprehensive about where to dip in investigating the work of Jaras Ramunas and company, this compilation would be a good place to start. Over 70 min. of unique atmospheric, avant garde, ambient voices, clarinets, violins, drums, saxophones, accordeon, contrabass, analog synths ... this tape covers history of the ENDICHE VIS.SAT from the year 1991 to nowdays. Tracks (some live) range from their early work to more recent pieces, and present a wide range of moods and techniques - some relaxing, some anything but." (Black Orchid Productions)

"The material ranges from eerie soundscapes of voice to almost classical cycles of sound." (Shame File)

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Listen to Few from...
14 voices from S.Becket's drama
The Death
Metamorphosis; eyes - Ar remix
Playing in St.George's church


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"This is a compilation of nearly of decade of ground-breaking work from this Eastern European experimental project." (Shame File)

"... musical motifs which are sweet and serenade the listener." (Chuck Vella, Outer Seventh Records)

"Performed on various instruments such as accordion, analogue synths, clarinets, contrabass, drums, saxophones, violins, voices etc. It's both ambient and avant garde. Sometimes it's reminiscent to Frank Zappa's "The Yellow Shark"." (Greger Ronnqvist)

"Great great great!" (Soulworm Editions)


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Text on inlay:

1. 14 voices from S.Becket's drama
2. The Death
3. Water was there II
4. From "Niaks Rupyte"
5. Metamorphosis; eyes - Ar remix
6. Playing in St.George's church
Music by Jaras Ramunas.
Recorded: 1 - 1993, "Centras" studio,
2 - 1997, I.Kunigelis studio,
3 - 1994, J.Jablonskis secondary school,
4 - 1991, Music concervatoire,
5 - 1998, "Centras" studio,
6 - 1993, St.George church.
Sound engeneers: A1 - M.Norvaisa,
5 - G.Reklaitis, V.Grankinas, I.Kunigelis.
Released 2000 by black orchid productions
c/o Emil Mat'ko
Mladeznicka 19
Banska Bystrica
974 01

Distributed by:
Canada - The Ceiling
Belarus - Shadow prod.
Poland - Ghostmaniac
Russia - Frozen Landscape
Mexico - The Art of Dreaming
Indonesia - THT
Belgium - EE Tapes

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