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Instruments that I play

Clarinet in B. I graduated as clarinetist. Played Mozart Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra for my graduation.

Clarinet in Es. It is just smaller version of Clarinet in B.

Birbyne. A national Lithuanian wind instrument.

Duduk. It is Armenian national wind instrument with peculiar sound. Best known from P.Gabriel's score for "Last Temptation".

Shakuhachi. Is from Japan. You can hear its sound all over Eastern movies and in some westerns too.


Frequency generators. Interesting and misterious even for me: unknown origin (somewhere in West Europe), unknown date of production (probalby '70ies), but clearly numinous sound and feel.

Synts. Collection of old Soviet synths: Polivox, Yunost, Lel. Some of them sounds like Moog, but some are just original wights.

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(page created: 2013-Jun-03 )