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The Beginning of USA

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what is this show

The Beginning of USA is presented on this video page.

The Beginning of USA is a solo theater show with masks and puppets of astronauts, dragon-flies, George Washington and a fat lady who gives birth to two children (Mr. Obama is one of them). All puppets are different from those used in the Evolution show. Length: one hour.

Sword eating (sword swallowing) dance
Music: noise synthetizer
George Washington speaks
Moon landing
Music: Internationale
Fat lady and the reproduction
Music producer sings
Happy end

george w. bush
Moon landing part:
that's one small step for a man, a giant leap for a woman
wait wait, I have a sms
let's do american flag
I found a giant piece of gold!
go back to your body or you be fired!
George Washington part:
hello. I am Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
this is my balalaika
I'll better play something

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